Welcome to SovCube – An enabler of Store-of-Value (SoV)?

This site is meant to help token holders time-lock their tokens safely and easily. We have started calling this action: “to Cube”. This action will help tokens reduce their token velocity, and hopefully become considered as a SoV.

(Photo: @chrispanas from Unsplash)

To Cube or not to Cube?

According to an earlier (and still on-going) community survey, there were a substantial amount of diehard BSOV fans who told us that they could afford to hold 50% of their BSOV for 6+ years. Many of them were also willing to time-lock these funds for this time period – meaning they cannot possibly sell half of their BSOV for a long time.

These answers from the community initiated an idea, where we dreamed that these time-locks could end up in a great scale, and prove to provide great trust in the deflationary ecosystem of BSOV.

Please go to BSOV Community Telegram at https://t.me/BitcoinSoVCommunity to get to know the BSOV community.

Thank you.