SovCube is basically a very simple concept. Cubing your tokens is considered proof-of-commitment for token holders to provide integrity and trust towards BSOV and eventually other ERC20-tokens.

  1. Cube Contracts are already created by us. They enable you to timelock/freeze your ERC-20 tokens. We call this action “To Cube” or “Cubing“.
  2. Each contract has a different LockUpPeriod. (LUP)
  3. A LockUpPeriod (LUP) is the amount of days your tokens will be Cubed.
  4. Token holders may freeze as many tokens as they like.
  5. After the LockUpPeriod has passed, the tokens are available for withdrawal.
  6. The withdrawal of tokens happen in intervals. The token holder will have to wait a WithdrawalPeriod (e.g 7 days) to withdraw a WithdrawalAmount (e.g 1000 tokens).
  7. Using the above example: If there are 100,000 BSOV tokens Cubed in one transaction, then it will take 100 weeks to withdraw all the 100,000 tokens.

Initiate SovCube