Win 10,000 BSOV – A test of patience and cleverness.

This puzzle involves simple communication with an ethereum smart-contract. You can learn everything you need to solve this puzzle by reading information on the website.

  1. Retweet, follow and find the hint at [Twitter-link] (The retweet-winner will be announced after the 10,000 BSOV are all won by the most clever and patient puzzle master.)
  2. Use this private-key to withdraw the 10,000 BSOV: 22E44F8342867D6422A869C233DE37EDCF094B59BFBA0947DA19932C3430AB5F
  3. Empty address? If you think someone has already taken the tokens, since I showed everyone the private key: Think again! This puzzle is not as easy as that. You will learn why, if you read the right information on this website.

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