Cube contract #1
Cube contract address0x19E6BF254aBf5ABC925ad72d32bac44C6c03d3a4
Cube startedAug-02-2019-04:38:09 PM +UTC
LockUpPeriod endsJan-29-2020
Initial LockUpPeriod180 days
Remaining LockUpPeriod

BSOV already Cubed in contract BSOV
Est. USD$ worthComing soon

After the LockUpPeriod has ended, there is a WithdrawalPeriod which you have to wait until you can withdraw the WithdrawalAmount.

For example: 10,000 Cubed BSOV would take minimum 10 weeks to withdraw.

WithdrawalPeriod7 days
WithdrawalAmount1000 BSOV

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