SovCube originated from the BSOV community, and was first published the 25th of September, 2019.

What is SovCube?

SovCube is a non-profit and voluntary initiative that was created to enable proof-of-commitment for token holders to provide integrity and trust towards BSOV and eventually other ERC20-tokens. How does it work?

Why? – Goals

  • SovCube aims to timelock more tokens than what developers usually do in projects with pre-allocated development funds.
  • SovCube ensures reduction of Token Velocity.
  • SovCube ensures a slower release of tokens into the market, which aims to reduce selling pressure.

What is BSOV?

BSOV is the ticker of BitcoinSOV, which is the first and only mineable and self-destructing token built upon the Ethereum network. Check out for more info about it, or join the telegram group at