Use SovCube to timelock your tokens in an immutable smart contract, and retrieve them later.

Create a higher proof-of-commitment by Cubing tokens.

Read details of Easy Crypto Puzzle. (Win 10,000 BSOV)

% of circulating BSOV have already been Cubed.

Cube Contract #1’s LockUpPeriod has ended. The timelockers can now withdraw 1000 BSOV per week.

Three good reasons to use SovCube for your token:

  1. Reduce token velocity.
  2. Reduce market selling pressure.
  3. Strengthen the integrity of token holders.

Who should use SovCube?

Token holders who want to…

  1. Help build more trust for your token.
  2. Protect yourself from yourself during market swings.
  3. Join a collective of longterm holders.