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The new Contract 2 is currently under final testing, and will be released shortly! In the meantime you can: | Read up the Docs & Help | Join our Telegram | Follow us on Twitter | Check out BSOV Token


Grow Long-Term Value with an
Anti-Inflationary Savings Account

Secure your BSOV Tokens with SovCube's web3 dApp and smart-contract collection, which function similarly to a traditional long-term savings account, aiming to preserve and grow your assets over time by mitigating the effects of inflation.

Timelock Tokens

Lock in your BSOV Tokens using SovCube's web3 interface, showcasing your commitment to BSOV Token's long-term value.

Timelock Rewards

Earn rewards by timelocking, and potentially double your investment when you're an early participant of SovCube's Timelock Rewards

Send or Pay using Timelocked Tokens

Once you've timelocked your tokens, you can still utilize them! You can offer individuals a payment that remains locked for 1000 days. In essence, you can provide them with a Long-Term Savings Account by sending, gifting, or paying anyone with timelocked BSOV Tokens.